CAN Logistic

About the device

CAN Logistic decodes CANBUS data and transfers it to the receiver as human-readable text using a universal protocol developed by our company.


How it works


Remote data reading is strongly dependent on the vehicle's model, brand and manufacture date. We provide you with an exact manual (with photos included) on how to install the device in your vehicle, specifying CANBUS or J1708 connection instructions.


Why you should use it

CAN Logistic can deliver data to the AVL terminal in RS232, TTL and FMS standards.

CAN Logistic is a unique solution on the market:

  • The installed software is compatible with all supported vehicles (the same device can be installed in any vehicle, regardless of the brand and model)
  • CAN Logistic is a plug-and-play device and automatically detects the vehicle model upon connection to the CANBUS (no configuration required)
  • The software of the device can be updated remotely via a GSM module as well as through direct connection with the device
  • Various output protocols are supported: human-readable ASCII text, binary Xon/Xoff or widely popular FMS
  • Full compatibility with CAN-CR 5V module allowing contactless data reading from CANBUS

CAN Logistic is a perfect solution for advanced vehicle monitoring systems that require a wide range of data types accessible via CAN or J1708. The obtained data can be used for correct salary calculations, estimation of vehicle exploitation costs, driving style assessment, etc. CAN Logistic is fully certified under the E20 certificate allowing the device to be sold in the European Union.


Product types

CAN Logistic

(RS232 or TTL protocol)

Standalone device for communication with AVL terminal via a serial port.

CAN Logistic EMBED

(TTL protocol)

A PCB-embed communicating with the client device via UART port. This product can be installed directly into your AVL device without interference with standard CAN Logistic operation.

CAN Logistic FMS

(output data in FMS standard)

Standalone device made for communication with your AVL using FMS standards (2.0/3.0/4.0). The device also provides data normally not available with the FMS standard: dashboard controls, eco-driving assessment data, driver's personal details.

CAN Logistic BLE

(Bluetooth data transfer)

Standalone device communicating with your AVL device via Bluetooth Low Energy V4 interface.

CAN Logistic BASIC

(RS232 or TTL standard)

Standalone device that communicates with your AVL device via RS232 port or TTL. The uniqueness of this device stems from its exceptionally small size. The device can only read data from 1 CANBUS (the device does not support reading data from J1708 bus or transferring data in the FMS standard).