Who we are?

25+ years of experience in developing top-quality vehicle electronic devices.


We started our journey by developing vehicle security systems and alarm accessories over 25 years ago.

As our business developed, we expanded our product portfolio into the manufacturing of advanced power door locks. Their quality and ease of installation were well received by vehicle technicians internationally thanks to the quality of components used for production.

We were also manufacturing alarm sirens of the highest quality, with a unique design based on exceptionally loud Italian loudspeakers.


For over 10 years we have been specializing in the design and production of CANBUS-related devices.


CAN Logistic - a device reading data from a vehicle's CANBUS and parsing them to tracking devices. CAN Logistic is our flagship product. We have been perfecting the device's hardware and software for the past 10 years making it the market-leading solution that supports hundreds of different vehicle types and models, including the most recent ones. CAN Logistic works flawlessly in automobiles, trucks, heavy-duty vehicles, buses, farming and construction equipment. CAN Logistic also supports a wide selection of motorcycles.


Tachoreader - enables remote tachograph data import and driving time monitoring. The new EU regulations require fleet owners to regularly gather and report driving time data from a vehicle's tachograph. Due to that, we have developed a unique solution that allows for a fully remote tachograph data import, without the need for direct connection with the vehicle's instruments.



As the global automotive market changes rapidly, we strive to adapt and continue our legacy of providing top quality solutions to our customers.


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