About us

Our company has been mastering the solutions for automotive electronics for nearly 23 years.

We initiated our activity in the field by manufacturing of automotive alarm and security systems under the names Rhino and MAT.

In that period we were manufacturing 2- and 5-wires actuators for automatic door-locking (still on offer). The quality of our device was well recognised and appreciated by electrical fitters and engineers thanks to the high quality of components used: Japanese motors, Würth lubricants, composite materials used for cogwheels, etc.

For a number of years we were also producing uniquely designed car sirens; exceptionally loud, based on Italian sound speakers modules. The product was manufactured for many years and its original design, functionality and reliability caused Chinese and Taiwanese companies to start producing numerous fake duplicates.

For some years now we have been working on onboard devices using CANBUS.

These are car alarms, immobilisers, translators and devices inputted with information about the car and outputting the data to the tracking devices. Our leading product is CAN Logistic whose software has been developed for 8 years. Thanks to those advances the device is compatible with hundreds of cars, of course including the newest models as well.

Our latest invention is the TachoReader module. Due to legal regulations specifying the time professional drivers can spend driving and the way the data must be archived, we have developed TachoReader allowing a quick insight to the data without the need to visit a professional service. Thanks to the remotely authorisable card the relevant files can be easily accessed without leaving the vehicle owner’s company premises.

On our customers’ demands we have also created an alarm siren system dedicated for the newest Peugeot models in which implementation of traditional solutions is impossible.

We keep setting ourselves new challenging goals. Having consulted it with our customers, we have started working on a new design for semitrailers tracking which is expected to be highly appreciated in the field.