Advanced CANBUS solutions for automotive applications

Offering top quality hardware and software for automobiles, motorcycles, heavy-duty and farming vehicles.


We serve our customers by offering advanced fleet management capabilities that rely on data available on CANBUS.

CANBUS provides a wide range of data on the vehicle's performance:

  • engine parameters
  • mileage and fuel consumption
  • fluid levels
  • dashboard indicators, doors
  • axle loads
  • and many more.

We work closely with our customers to select parameters most suitable for their use case.

Fuel consumption
Fuel consumption readings enable for estimation of the exact amount of fuel consumed on any route, down to 1 mililiter accuracy.
Tachograph readings
Real-time tachograph readings, including curated reports on driving and resting times. This solution allows for a significant improvement in journey planning.
Eco-driving parameters
A complete set of parameters for the analysis of driver's driving style, according to any selected criteria.
Complete mileage as seen on the vehicle's dashboard.
Fuel level
Real information on fuel levels (in percentages or litres)
Remote DDD files import
Remote DDD tachograph files reading eliminates the need for direct contact with the driver and vehicle in company HQ and allows for instant settlement of driver's job.
Engine speed
Parameters can be used e.g. for control of optimal engine speed or readings of driver's driving style.
Driver and vehicle ID
Reading driver card data from the tachograph. We can also provide the vehicle's registration number and VIN.
Vehicle malfunction information
Real-time information on the current state of all controls in the vehicle.
Engine temperature
Current engine coolant temperature as seen on the the vehicle's dashboard.
Engine running time
Total engine running time since manufacture or device installation.
Axle load
A complete dataset on current loads on all vehicle axles, including trailer's axles. It is also possible to read the weight of both the vehicle and the trailer.
AdBlue level
Readings of AdBlue levels and other liquids that reduce the emissions produced by Diesel engines.
Battery level
For electric vehicles the readings include battery level and estimated remaining range.
Torque utilisation and engine load
Useful parameters for the assessment of driver's driving style.
Accelerator pedal pressure
Accelerator pedal pressure - one of the primary parameters for complete driving style assessment.
Current vehicle status
Basic information about vehicle's current status, including information about the state of the car lights, doors, aircondition, etc.
Brake engagement
Brake engagement analysis with reports on economic engine braking. Remote recognition of sudden braking or handbrake engagement may prevent vehicle damages.